What does your vehicle look like?

Decide for yourself

Look at the photos below to get an idea of price range then schedule your repair.

Minor Damage

$95 - $125

Minimal damage.

One small damaged area.

A single paint chip, as a chip on hood, or door edge or very small bumper scrape.

Moderate Damage

$125 - $175

Damage in more than one area.

Multiple chips on hood & bumper scrapes.

Light scratches in bumper or body panel.

Extensive Damage

$175 - $250+

Minor or Moderate damage on many parts of the vehicle.

Hood covered in chips.

Larger bumper scrapes.

Door dings throughout, etc.

Great for lease returns or selling the car

Repairs aesthetically improve by 75%-95%.

Paint touch ups will make your damaged paint look much better, but not new.