Dr.Colorchip is far and away the
best car paint chip repair system available.

Paint pens from dealerships and other paint repair systems simply leave a mess. Quinn The Eskimo (Steve Bode) is a paint repair service provider that solely uses Dr.Colorchip. He is actually the number one buyer of Dr.Colorchip products in the country by 10x. By that fact alone he has more experience than anyone else, anywhere. He has actually worked on well over 15,000 cars. He works for many of the car dealerships in Southern California, many of the Porsche Clubs in the western U.S., and hundreds of car collectors and enthusiasts throughout California. He has worked on some of the most expensive and rarest cars in the world, as well as the 'daily driver'. No one does better paint repair.

If you'd like tips on getting better results, or if you'd like Steve to do the work, please see his blog - http://www.carpaintchiprepair.com/blog/ or call/text him at 949/463-7690.